Views shared on how Penrith should develop

Saturday, 27 November 2021 16:47

Community plan consultation

Following the Community 'Get Together' on Monday 13th April you will remember that we promised to share what was discussed with those who were present as well as those who couldn't attend.

We've now put together a summary of the discussions from the event, along with all the input from organisations and individuals at the Community Conference back in November and the online survey earlier this year. You can read the summary using the link at the end.

As you will see there is a myriad of Objectives and Suggestions under each of the main themes, all of which will be embraced within the Community Plan. Groups at the 'Get Together' were asked in particular to identify five priorities, to say what they would like to see happen, how each priority might be achieved, and, if possible, to say who might be interested in working on it.

We now intend to put together a draft plan, which will be circulated by the end of June. We are aware, however, that there are certain gaps in the plan that will be need to be filled. We need to seek suggestions from out-of-town areas such as Pategill and Castletown, for example, as well as sport and leisure clubs/organisations, to name but a few.

Following this, a final draft will be put together and will be open for discussion during the late summer.

I hope you'll find the overview of interest and hopefully we can achieve some 'quick wins' that will benefit the whole community, as well as establishing a framework for future development of the town, from the community's perspective.

In the meantime if you have any further comments you would like to make, or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or using the contact page of our new website.

Finally, may I thank you for your continued support and hopefully by working together we can make a real difference to the town.


Peter Ward (Chair, Penrith Partnership)

PS - We hope you like the new Penrith Partnership website and if you have any ideas on how we can improve or enhance it please let us know.