About Penrith Partnership

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 11:37

A voice for Penrith

We help set the direction for Penrith's development, from the community's point of view. We run projects to improve aspects of life in Penrith, in partnership with other organisations, businesses and residents.

We consult with local people to give their views a voice and represent what the community wants to change and improve about our town. We then bring people together to make those changes happen.

The projects we tackle are pretty diverse - from improving green spaces and street furniture through to running events that add to the vitality and economy of the town. But we also try to influence wider issues that are out of the community's control, building up good working relationships with councils and other agencies.

Strength in numbers

We’re a small team of volunteers from different walks of life in Penrith, but our strength comes from working with others to enhance the town. We bring people and groups together to co-ordinate and promote activity in the town and neighbouring area.

We link with a wide range of groups, from Eden District Council to the town's Rotary Club, and we do our best to represent the views of the community and speak in the interests of Penrith.

We also champion and encourage community activity led by others, offering advice where we can and sharing our experience and contacts.

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By the community, for the community

We believe that our community should take responsibility for improving our own area, steering the developments local people want and harnessing support from bodies like our local councils.

Our approach has always been to talk to the community about the improvements they want for the town and then organise projects to tackle them. For each project, we bring together groups or residents who have an interest in that issue or who have the skills to help.

We're currently consulting widely with local people to find out what issues we will tackle together over the next few years. These will be at the heart of the new Penrith Community Plan, which we're creating in partnership with other local groups, to steer improvement in the town.

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We strive to make Penrith:

  • a safe, attractive and economically strong market town, which is pedestrian and cycle friendly, and with very high environmental standards
  • a pre-eminent rural service centre that is admired as a destination market town - dynamic, economically active and distinctive, with an enviable quality of life